All users of Cloudscan are required to have two-factor authentication enabled and will be prompted to setup upon first login. 


Supported MFA options: 

  • SMS - users will receive a text message containing a verification code. 
  • One Time Password - Provide a one-time token leveraging Google Authenticator or similar.

To view or delete your MFA settings:

  • Navigate to Settings. 

  • Select Members and edit the user you are looking for. NOTE: Only Administrators can delete another user's MFA settings. 

  • At the bottom of the user's profile, you will see the currently registered forms of Two-Factor Authentication.  To reset or remove one, just click the delete button.  NOTE: if all MFA options are removed, upon next login the user will be prompted again to set them up. 

Reset your MFA with Recovery Codes:

  • Upon logging in you have the option to reset your MFA with recovery codes that were issued when MFA was first set up.  If you no longer have access to your MFA, but do have your recovery codes, Click Try another Method. 

  • Select Recovery Code:

  • Enter your recovery code and click continue. 

  • A new recovery code will be issued as part of this reset, be sure to save it in a safe place. 

  • Once logged in, delete your existing authentication factors to reset as shown above.