To register an additional AWS Account we recommend using our quickstart options to get started quickly with the use of Cloudformation.  To get started navigate to settings.


  • Select Cloud Accounts and click Add Cloud Account. 


In the new Cloud Account Registration screen, you will need to enter a Name and select a Provider. 

  • Name - An Alias for the AWS account you will register. This name will be used throughout Cloudscan as an easy way to differentiate between multiple AWS accounts.

  • Provider - Currently we support AWS/Amazon and AWS GovCloud Regions.

  • Select the Quickstart option and follow the steps outlined on the page to grant Read-Only access to Cloudscan. 


  • Before step 2, log in to your AWS Console with administrator permissions, then click "Launch Stack."  You will be brought to the CloudFormation service with a script already loaded and configured.  


  • Scroll to the bottom, Check the acknowledgment box, and click Create stack. 


  • Use the refresh button to monitor for the status to be complete. 



  • Select the Outputs tab and copy the CloudScanRoleArn Value. 


  • Paste the ARN into the IAM Role ARN section on the Cloudscan registration page and click save.


Now you have successfully registered your AWS account.  Cloudscan will automatically pick it up and start scanning for review.