To get started connecting to a remote AWS RDS MySQL/Aurora database please download MySQL WorkBench and install the program. In this guide you will be connecting to a AWS hosted RDS Database server running MySQL/Aurora behind a bastion server. A bastion host is a server whose purpose is to provide access to a private network from an external network, such as the Internet.

Launch Workbench and select add MySQL Connections.

Set the following fields:

-Connection Name: Any descriptive name for this new database connection

-Connection Method: Should be Standard TCP/IP over SSH

-SSH Hostname:  This should be the ip address or hostname of the bastion server including the port number which is normally :22

-SSH Username: The user name you are connecting to the bastion server as via ssh key based authentication.  

-SSH Password: This section can be skipped in favor of the SSH key file configuration.
-SSH Key File:  Add the private key file for your ssh based access.  This file should be in pem format, not the windows putty (.ppk) format.  

-MySQL Hostname:  Enter the host name or ip address of the remote database server.  In this case it is an RDS database writer endpoint for Aurora.

-MySQL Server Port:  The default is 3306.

-Database Username:  This should be whatever the user name is to access your database instance.

-Database Password:  Select store in vault and enter the MySQL/Aurora database password. 

Select Test Connection.  If connection is successful, close and connect to your newly saved connection. 

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